Thankful for Questions

Rob and Aaron answer some questions that the fans sent in. Some serious questions and some not so serious questions get answered.

Interview: Joshua Cooksley 2

Joshua comes back on the show to talk to Rob and Aaron about.....well just listen to the show.

That New Cohost Smell

Aaron joins Rob to discuss the possible future of being an in person cohost. They talk about peeing blood, running classes, dojo storms and self defense.

Interview: John Moser and Steve Shimizu

Two guests join Rob this episode.  John Moser is an active duty Soldier who is using BJJ to improve his community.  Steve Shimizu is the founder of the Marianas Open who is looking to bring it to the US.  Both of these gentlemen talk with Rob about attitude, why Guam is awesome and competitions.

Interview: Jason Bircher

Jason Bircher joins Rob to talk about BJJ culture, training and puts us in the mood with talking about calming rivers down a mountain.

Interview: Brian Crandell 3

Brian Crandell, the founder of Gis 4 GIs, joins Rob again to update the fans on how things are going.

Interview: Billy Hong

Billy Hong is a man who draws BJJ related comics and they really hit on a lot of the issues that practitioners face. Billy joins Rob to talk about comics, moving and gym culture.

Interview: Sa'idah Durkee

Sa'idah Durkee joins Rob on the show to talk about her experiences as a BJJ practitioner.

Change Your Shirt

Shawn comes back on the show and immediately insults Rob's choice of shirt. However, they immediately fall back into conversations you would expect from Shawn and Rob.

Interview: Joshua Cooksley

Australian Brown Belt, Joshua Cooksley, joins Rob to talk about style Vs style, training and his rendition of a podcast intro.

Interview: Mike Bidwell

Mike Bidwell, the creator of BJJ After 40, joins Rob to talk about his training, being a brown belt for 13 years and how his focus shifted to being all in for BJJ.

Interview: Stehpen Quadros

"The Fight Professor" Stephen Quadros talks about his martial arts experience, his new music album coming out, Pride Fighting Championships and training your students.

Interview: Rich McKeegan

Blackbelts 4 Butterflies founder, Rich McKeegan, joins Rob to talk about his upcoming super-seminar, waiting tables, running a school and going to camp.

Interview: John Perry

BJJ Practitioner and Executive Chef, John Perry, joins Rob to talk about being a chef, training, being a veteran and surviving the heat in Arizona.

Interview: Stephen Tirrell

BJJ practitioner, Stephen Tirrell, joins Rob to talk about balancing family and training, working with your significant other during class and how laundry day is rough.

Interview: Tommy GIlligan

American Top Team instructor and software engineer, Tommy Gilligan, joins Rob to talk about office BJJ, training in the morning and the balance of life and BJJ.

Interview: Mike Da Grunt

NYPD officer, BJJ practitioner and Army vet Mike "Da Grunt" joins Rob to talk about the unofficial dog of BJJ, ninjas on 42nd street, BJJ for vets and tournaments.

Being the Enforcer

Jonathan visits Rob again to catch up on life, recent promotions and how to be respectful in your academy.

Interview: Mike Velotta

BJJ Black Belt, Mike Velotta, joins Rob to talk about traveling to teach BJJ, MMA fights, good instruction and visiting Germany.