Interview: Roger Alex 2

Roger Alex, a BJJ Brown Belt and Instructor in Florida, joins Rob to talk about his Love and Loyalty project, meeting celebrities and working personal protection for various people.

Interview: Ben Westrich (Archive)

Originally published on March 11, 2015: Ben Westrich joined Rob and Shawn to talk about MMA, BJJ and training insights.  

Interview: Peter Roberts

Peter Robert, owner of Origin and host of the Hands and Daylight Podcast, joins Rob on the last day of the Origin Immersion Camp at the party to talk about his training, running Origin and the creation of the camp.

Interview: Birdman

Birdman, a 3rd Degree Black Belt out of Brooklyn, is joined by his student Ewok and they talk to Rob about starting at Renzo Gracie's school, looking for a school, becoming a grownup, running a school in a large city and so many more things.  

Interview: Andre "Dedeco" Almeida


Andre "Dedeco" Ameida is 5th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu.  Dedeco came on the show to share his stories about starting BJJ in Brazil under De La Riva, training some of the top Brazilian MMA fighters, and coming to America and becoming one of the most influential coaches in the US.

Interview: Sean Daugherty

Sean Daugherty, grappling coach and "lowly roadie" at Grappling Industries, joins Rob and James Hoffman to enjoy a conversation covering various topics including grappling, UFC, Ken Shamrock's Lion's Den, marijuana and being a teacher.

BJJ Roundtable: Origin Immersion Camp


Rob is joined by members of the Origin Immersion Camp to talk about their experiences from previous camps and what makes this one so special.  Later, Pete Robert and Jocko Willink stop by to say hello.

Interview: Tim Ulrik Rasmussen

Rob and James Hoffman (sitting in for Aaron) talk to Tim Ulrik Rasmussen, who traveled from Copenhagen to train at the Origin Immersion Camp.  They talk about BJJ, cooking, wine culture shock and a few other crazy subjects.

Do It For The Kids

Rob and Aaron talk about Rob's latest trip to Iceland, teaching kids classes and just everything else that can go wrong with a podcast.

Interview: Randy Wark 2

Randy Wark, BJJ brown belt and law enforcement officer, talks about dealing with traffic, teaching officers, running classes and how Matt Serra deals with drunk people.

Interview: Roger Alex

Roger Alex, martial arts instructor in Florida, talks to Rob about weather, teaching kids, the Origin camp and much more!


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Go Fund Yourself

Rob and Aaron talk about the latest robbery at the IBJJF worlds, using GoFundMe, competing and why all jobs are practically prostitution.

Interview: Rodney Goodword


Rodney Goodword, BJJ Blue Belt and Artist, joins Rob to talk about his beginnings in martial arts, being a DJ and what it is like being the biggest guy in the gym.

Interview: Andrew Smith


Andrew Smith, a BJJ black belt from Richmond, talks about running academies, punk rock and going on adventures.


Aaron and Rob sit down and talk about things they miss, BJJ not being for everyone one, Rob not caring, and dogs learning how to open doors.

Interview: Callum Rollo

Rob has his Globetrotter friend, Callum Rollo, join him on the show to talk about sewing patches, weight cutting, strongman competitions, transgender competitors and steroid usage.

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Fight2Win 60

Aaron and Rob sit down to watch Fight2Win 60 and talk about some of the matches, takedowns, videoing yourself rolling and why singlets aren't a good idea.


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Interview: Jay Bell

Jay Bell joined Rob at the Globetrotter's Winter Camp to talk about BJJ, training and the evolution of the sport.

Roundtable with Globetrotters


Rob is joined by quite a few BJJ Globetrotter members at the winter camp in Wagrain, Austria.  They get a few drinks in and it goes from there.